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February 14, 2006

This is the cartoon that was submitted to Iran’s Hamshahri newspaper in Leunig’s name, and which was withdrawn after he protested. There appears to be no suggestion that the cartoon itself is faked — Leunig submitted it for publication to The Age in 2002 and it was rejected on the grounds of taste.

Given the paper’s competition is avowedly anti-Semitic, it’s hard not to see Leunig’s involuntary contribution as a natural — even a potential prize-winner.

It’s similarly themed to this one from Jordan, equating Gaza with Auschwitz (not a competition entry, however):

As these cartoons suggest, at the present time we seem to be witnessing a stealthy convergence of right, left, and Islam — and the locus of that convergence is the evil world Jew. His corpse was only half-interred, after all, and now he’s being paraded around the international stage again, thrust from the shadows into the klieglights.

Even some anti-Zionists of the left are becoming concerned. Here is British Israel divestment activist Sue Blackwell, writing in Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper:

Increasingly these days I find myself having acrimonious exchanges, usually by email, with people whose messages start by expressing their support for my stand on Palestine and then continue with “I think you ought to read this.”

“This” often consists of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which for a document over a hundred years old has weathered remarkably well. It crops up everywhere on the internet, including the weblogs of people who claim to be campaigners for Palestinian rights. I had a graduate student in my office not long ago, a highly intelligent young man who is a member of a socialist party in the UK. He told me in all seriousness that I really ought to read this incredible exposé of a world Jewish conspiracy, which was apparently new to him.

One wonders how this message was received in Egypt, given the great popularity enjoyed by the Protocols in that country — as Blackwell herself acknowledges.

A year or two ago, the Australian writer Sophie Masson described anti-Semitism as ‘that murderous old cancer of the soul’. I don’t know if anyone has put it better. It’s back, ugly as ever, and spreading like wildfire.

Update: Further discussion on Leunig’s cartoon at Larvatus Prodeo.


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