For Denmark

February 25, 2006

Thanks to some great work by Christopher Hitchens, a small, quiet and well-mannered group in Washington, D.C., demonstrated in support of freedom of speech yesterday.

Via Vital Perspective.

It’s a long time since I attended a political rally. I don’t like them, generally. I find the sight of columns of people marching along and chanting in unison (‘four legs good, two legs bad!’) pretty depressing as a rule.

But for once, I wish I could have been there. It is morally essential now to support the Danes, as the rest of the west collectively capitulates. This is one of those moments about which your grand-children will challenge you: which side were you on, grandad, grandmum, during those times? Wherever it is that we may be by then, there will be only one answer that attracts moral worth:

I was
for Denmark.

For Denmark. And freedom.

Will we see a similar demonstration in Australia? I fear not. We lack a Christopher Hitchens. Much as I admire and respect the man, I don’t quite see Keith Windschuttle filling the gap.

More at Norm Geras’ place.


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