The Czech Republic has the best politicians in Europe — and more

March 10, 2006

Check (aagh!) out this great speech on the illusion of European unification by the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, delivered in Luxembourg on 8 March.

And it has some of the best sights in Europe. This is a great site: not too touristy. Take some time to look around.

Some of the best music, too.

Walking along the banks of the Vltava down towards the Castle, you can hear this incomparable music leaping and curling along the surface of the river below.

And I have listened to at least a dozen performances of this great work, but Susskind’s, for me, is the definitive one — though Ferenc Fricsay’s recording of the second of the cycle of six symphonic poems, Die Moldau (otherwise Vltava), for RIAS in the late 40’s is possibly the greatest Smetana performance of them all.

You can listen to Vltava here — download #5.

And while you do — if you do — imagine yourself to be gazing at this, in the life.

The bridges across the River Vltava, Prague


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