Great Australian comedy

March 26, 2006

I was recently reminded (or, more correctly, I recently reminded myself) how much I loved Tim and Debbie in Australia You're Standing In It from the mid '80s. Like The Young Ones, but with more bite.

Ah, those were the days — when the left could still laugh at itself.

And on the ABC, yet.

Tim and Debbie in Brainspace

Mark and Kim in a previous existence, perhaps, or some weird but strangely contemporary parallel universe?

(That's a joke, folks — G-I-O-K-E with a capital tsk.)

A good but 10-year-old appreciation site is here. I stole the pic from it.



  1. Now you’re talking, Robbie!

    I loved that show – back when Rod Quantock was funny. Chunky Custard? Yak Fat? My how I larfed.

    Actually, now you mention it Tim does resemble a slimmer Herr Bahnisch in that pic. Same hairstyle, I suspect. However, not to criticise Debbie, but Kimberella’s a cut or three above in the looks department.

  2. Right! Chunky Custard. I’d forgotten about that. The ABC in its comedic heyday. Those were the glory days of Max Gillies, too.

    Not having seen Kim, I’m happy to take your word for it.

    How nice of you to drop by, Fyodor.

  3. Well, you did leave me a kind invitation. I like what you’ve done with the place.

    Forgive me if I say I’ve always enjoyed your aesthetic tastes more than your ideological preferences.

  4. Oh, me too, Fyodor, believe it or not. I find art far more diverting
    than politics. Politics is interesting for about the first five minutes
    of any debate, then palls (look at the posts at LP) — whereas art goes
    on and on and on…..

    I have a long post on classical music ready to go but the edit facility seems screwed at the moment.

  5. Yep, Tim was ahead of his time in the stylish hair stakes.

  6. I too miss Tim and Debbie. I even had the LP!

  7. They were truly brilliant, especially on radio before the TV show started.

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