What is it with kidnapped journalists?

April 1, 2006

Jill Carroll, the Christian Science Monitor journalist kidnapped three months ago in Iraq, has been released.

Carroll was seen pleading for her life in videos released by her kidnappers. Her translator was killed when she was captured. Riverbend, at Baghdad Burning, no friend of the occupation, had something to say about him back in January 2006 that Carroll still hasn’t:

I found out very recently that the interpreter killed was a good friend — Alan, of Alan’s Melody, and I’ve spent the last two days crying.

Everyone knew him as simply ‘Alan’, or ‘Elin’ as it is pronounced in Iraqi Arabic. Prior to the war, he owned a music shop in the best area in Baghdad, A’arasat. He sold some Arabic music and instrumental music, but he had his regular customers — those westernized Iraqis who craved foreign music. For those of us who listened to rock, adult alternative, jazz, etc. he had very few rivals.

Now, via Sandmonkey, it seems Jill Carroll has only good words for her kidnappers and the killers of that fine man.

It’s still early days and more may follow to clarify matters. It’s too soon to leap to judgement.

But let’s hope Carroll doesn’t turn out to be another Yvonne Ridley, captured by the Taleban in 2001 and subsequently converted to Islam. Let’s hope.

Others, like John Martinkus and Giuliana Sgrena, hardly needed to convert. They were well on-side already.

Update: (Via Michelle Malkin). Carroll has posted a statement indicating that she was coerced into participating in the interview linked above, and lamenting the murder of Alan Enwiya.

I for one believe her.


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