The shame of being her neighbour

April 30, 2006

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born Netherlands MP living under threat of death from Dutch Islamists, has been ordered by a Dutch court to leave her secure apartment in The Hague and find refuge elsewhere.


A suit was brought by her neighbours, who felt that her presence in their apartment block threatened their own safety and disrupted their lives.

They said of the ruling:

We are relieved. We just didn’t feel safe any longer in our own homes. Of course, we consider it to be terrible for Hirsi Ali to have to leave her house. The case was not directed at her personally. The point was that the State should not open us to so much danger.

Cowards, moral cretins and judicial blockheads.

More at Peaktalk, The Free West.



  1. Indeed. I’m gobsmacked. Has there been a precedent for this kind of thing before?

  2. Yep. I agree, for once, Rob. This is just a more refined version of ‘there goes the neighbourhood’.

  3. Don’t know, Jason. I was speechless when I found out about it.

  4. Unless you’re thinking of Anne Frank, also betrayed by her Dutch neighbours.

  5. […] It’s not enough that she should be threatened with death. Not enough she whould be forced from her secure home by craven neighbours and idiot judges. Now, all of a sudden, she should be expelled from the Dutch Parliament and deported — presumably, to Somalia. […]

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