The hounding out of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

May 15, 2006

It’s not enough that she should be promised death by mutant Islamists. Not enough that co-artist and co-heretic Theo van Gogh should be slaughtered by one of them. Not enough she should be forced from her secure home by craven neighbours and idiot judges. Now, all of a sudden, she should be ejected from the Dutch Parliament and deported — presumably, to Somalia.

All for a trivial untruth, long ago admitted, to get refugee status in The Netherlands.

It seems Europe can’t get rid of its wannabe terrorists, its jihadis, its radical imams. But it can at least expel its free spirits.

What a continent.


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Update: Ayaan Hirsi Ali is to leave The Netherlands and move to the United States. In this she follows Salman Rushdie and how ever many else of the persecuted and victimised.

Peaktalk’s Pieter Dorsman comments:

There were three musketeers in The Netherlands not too long ago, brave and unconventional free thinking individuals. Two have been murdered, the last one has now been expelled.

All strength to her. But it’s a shame, nonetheless. Now she will be just another voice for freedom out of America, out of the ocean of freedom, rather than speaking truth to power in Europe, where she is truly needed.

Update 2: Hirsi Ali is to be stripped of her Dutch nationality and passport. What this does for her plans to migrate to the United States remains to be seen. It seems unlikely, given the EU Convention on Human Rights, to which The Netherlands is a signatory (and which may work to the good for once, even if accidentally), that she will be delivered back to the tender mercies of the Somalian warlords. But who can tell: the unbelievable has become believable, in these days.

The story just gets worse and worse. Three-quarters of the Dutch population are reportedly glad to see the back of her. It was ever thus: the prophet is not to be honoured in her own country.

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