Joy anticipated

June 7, 2006

RL and I have managed to secure tickets to The Magic Flute at the Vienna State Opera on 3 October.


Just wanting to share the rapture. George Bernard Shaw once wrote that the arias Mozart wrote for the high priest Sarastro in this opera constituted the only music one could with decency imagine emanating from the mouth of God (or words to that effect). To hear it sung in the world’s Mozart capital, performed by its finest Mozartian orchestra and choir — woo hoo!

Cheaper than the Sydney Opera House, too, at 189 euros (what are they again?) for the best seats in the house.



  1. Fantastic, man. How cool is that?

    Hope it totally rocks da Haus. Enjoy, both of youse!!

    Oh, zittre nicht, mein leiber Sohn…

  2. Ah, the Queen of the Night! j_p_z. I recall reading an American soprano calling that aria a curse, because only one singer per generation can get it right, and then it’s all they get to sing.

  3. Hey, Rob. I’ve heard an old rumor about the Queen of the Night, and I wonder if you know whether it’s true.

    Legend is that Mozart personally hated the singer who originated the role, so he kept making her music more and more difficult to sing, just to piss her off. And now we are left with this insane, beautiful, impossible pinnacle, as your soprano noted. If it’s not true, well, it should be.

    Meantime, enjoy your trip!

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