What happened on the beach at Gaza?

June 13, 2006

A Palestinian family was killed in an explosion, and a father’s daughter screamed out her grief. It was, it seems, a tragedy out of accident by way of mistake. Either Israel’s — or Palestine’s.


Thoughts — not necessarily congruent — from On the Face, Augean Stables, Israellycool, Norm Geras.

We need to await the formal release of the results of the IDF investigation. But I’ll go with Lisa Goldman’s take for now.

Update: More from Ha’aretz. It’s hard to know what to believe; but there seems little doubt that the Palestinian Authority fabricated some video footage to make the claim that an Israeli gunship was responsible.

Vital Perspective concludes that the deaths were caused by mines laid by Hamas, and includes a round-up of misleading or false MSM reporting.

Update 2: The Independent has a story arguing for Israel’s guilt. The expert they cite makes this point:

Mr Garlasco ruled out the possibility that the shells were naval, as originally thought, on the grounds that they were too large to be fired from Israeli navy coastal vessels.

Yet that was the very basis on which The Independent ran its headline story on 10 June — that an Israeli gunboat had fired the shells that killed the family. And if this could not have been true, as Garlasco argues, why did the PA go to the trouble of faking a video which purported to demonstrate that it was true?

Curious. Or maybe not.



  1. I’m a fan of cock-up over conspiracy any day, but something about this whole scenario just reeks.

  2. Of course it could be an Israeli conspiracy as well, sl, but it doesn’t have that ‘feel’. Israel’s Defence Minister apologised to the Palestinian President after the incident, accepting full responsibility. Only later did the doubts set in. Odd that the cameras were there so quickly to capture the young girl’s spontaneous grief.

    I don’t know. Time will tell. (Two trite aphorisms for the price of one.)

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