Summer rain in Gaza

June 29, 2006

Israel has invaded the territory it formerly occupied in an attempt to rescue a young soldier kidnapped during last Sunday’s attack on a border post, in which two Israeli soldiers were killed. The operation is codenamed ‘Summer Rain’, of all things.

For those, like me, who needed to catch up, Vital Perpective has been live blogging here (scroll down).

I suppose this was inevitable, given the best use to which the Palestinians could put their newly-gained territory was to employ it as a launch pad from which to fire daily barrages of Qassam rockets across the border at Israel. It doesn’t augur well for the purposes to which they will put the West Bank when they finally assume governance of that as well.

In other news, missing Israeli teenager Eliyahu Asheri, from the settlement of Itamar, was found dead today.

On the other side of it, from the Palestinian blog From Gaza, with Love, this hurried, wrenching account:

I am writing while the jet fighters are in the sky, with their horrible sound, bringing death and horror, it is 10.30pm, I am still like everyone waiting, i hope they will not go ahead with their operation into Gaza, the outcome could be horrible, the resistance movemet are going ahead with their preperation too, but the balance of power is obvious to wich side any way Israel with resistance or no resistance is attacking us all the time, but this time will be different, and in the process many civilian lives will be lost, i am listening to the local radio, it seems that the operation started in khanyunis, the artilary started shelling, under the cover of apachi heliocapters, and jet fighters, i am able to write now, do not know what will happen next,the power might cut off soon, few hours ago, Mohammed and Sondos had a narrow escape during their way home, a car exploded 150 meters from my home, close to the president home, one person died and 4 injured, i cannot help feeling of worry, i am after all a mother, i shall stay strong, tommorrow i am going to the red crescent society office, we are supposed to get some medications to be used at Alawda hospital for the emergency department, that was stopped at the closed borders, i am hoping to get it through with the help of WHO, i am not sure if we shall receive them in time, but i shall keep trying. the aeroplanes sound in the sky is geting louder.

So is the sound of scorpions scuttling, feeding off the rain.


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