Could anything be worse than this?

June 30, 2006

Via A Western Heart, this dreadful story of a victim of Uganda’s ongoing carnage.

Africa. Heart-breaking, heart broken. I’ve never lived there, though I hope to one day, but I’ve met many Australians who have, men and women who spoke stoically, understatedly — fearing the ‘racist’ tag — of their love of it, of how it got into your bones; of how it was that once you’d been in Africa, you never ever left it. (This they said quietly, with an echo of longing, amidst the sands and spinifex and the running giant lizards, and the great rock outcrops  of the central Australian desert. Another place never to leave.)

To think Uganda once had shown such promise, before Idi Amin took the country down the short post-colonial road from socialism to hell in 1971, where it remained until he was overthrown in 1979. Nor has it recovered by much since then. (Amin died unmourned in 2003, exiled in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.)

An interview with Joseph Kony, leader of Uganda’s murderous Lord’s Resistance Army, and rival to Amin in the atrocity stakes, given on June 28th, is here.


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