The missile that failed

July 6, 2006

Spoof Totally genuine site Beloved Leader (featuring the deathless and actual personal words of Kim Jong Il) has the good oil on North Korea’s launch yesterday of the Taepo Dong missile.

More from AsiaPundit on the Taepo Dud.

Update: More seriously, Greg Sheridan of The Australian has an excellent strategic assessment here.

Further update: Juche Girl, while having nothing to say about the Taepo Dong as such, offers this forensic analysis of the Bush administration:

Then I ask my brother who is very patient as well as smart how can US keep population if all babies are drown or selled away to Jews by Bush. Brother say that Bush send US GI inside Mexico country to steal all the babies there and make them into US without international knowing it which is why they are called illegal immigrants so Bush can exploit them for slave labor in his secret salt mines on his ranch in Texas and that also Bush kidnap Korean girls to make sex slave in White House. This scare me much and I can’t sleep for fear of nightmare of Bush.

Me neither, JG.

I just love that site.



  1. I just had a look at the ‘Beloved Leader’ spoof site… and had a really good giggle. Very nice on a Friday after a tough week:)

  2. He still has admirers, it seems, sl. Authorities seem unclear as to whether he is Dear Leader or Beloved Leader and whether his father was either or both.

  3. Though lacking anything to say about North Korea or anything else to do with this thread—nice new Firenze header picture. Much better than the tunnel.

  4. Thanks, Liam. Good old WordPress now allows users to customise the ‘Connections’ header — and with new sidebar widgets and a video capability can do just about all you could want it to.

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