Blogs of war

July 16, 2006

Smoke rises over Hizbollah’s bombed HQ

The best way to keep pace with the situation in Israel and Lebanon is to watch the blogs. The Truth Laid Bear lists the major sites. For mine, some of the standouts:

The Lebanese Bloggers; Lebanese Blogger Forum; From Beirut to the Beltway; Michael J. Totten; Vox’s Den; The Beirut Spring; Beirut Under Siege; Lebanese Political Journal; Beirut Notes

This Ongoing War; Simply Jews; Treppenwitz; Israel Matzav; Israellycool; An Unsealed Room; Israel at Level Ground; Rock of Galilee; WestBankBlog


Live from an Israeli Bunker
Kesher Talk
Not A Fish
Abu Aardvark
Elder of Ziyon
Chercheuse d’or

For sanity, there’s always On the Face and The Perpetual Refugee. And for hope, here’s Allison at An Unsealed Room:

Talking As the Missiles Fall

Amazing post from Lebanon, and great Israeli-Lebanese dialogue in the comments. Blogging is really allowing citizens to bypass their leaders and the mainstream media in times of crisis and really know what the other side is thinking and feeling. Not that we can actually harness that into any kind of real power (yet?) but it’s a truly revolutionary thing.


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