2006, or 1934?

July 22, 2006

From The Guardian, in case you hadn’t guessed. Takes its place right alongside this.

And these.

I don’t know what to say. Goebbels would have delighted in it, I suppose. But then again a whole generation has grown up that has probably never heard of Goebbels, or Der Sturmer.

Strange times we live(d) in.



  1. Maybe I’m being dense, but I just don’t get the Rowson cartoon. Obviously some comment about Israel’s mailed fist and George Bush’s potty mouth, but the connection is obscure…

    Please Explain 🙂

  2. I’ve just spent a bit of time looking at both Rowson’s cartoons and the ‘various artists’ published in the German paper. Rowson is really, really second rate. Although I now ‘get’ his cartoon, I had to think about it, mainly because he actually can’t draw (you have to do quite a bit of looking before you figure out that the fist is actually punching the kid in the face).

    Fips, the German, is technically very skilled. Even if you don’t understand the caption, his point is usually clear. Sometimes, he’s better than good – as .

    True to my views, I’m not a fan of banning anything. Memo to Martin Rowson: if you’re going to be offensive, at least try to do it well.

  3. Whoops – I stuffed up the link. Click on the last par for one of Fips’ better efforts.

    Must be having a blond day :/

  4. The cartoon also trivialises the existential threat to israel posed by Hizbollah. It’s not an irritating wasp, it’s a potent military force with around 13,000 missiles ranged against Israel, and is also reported to have acquired numbers of C-802 curise missiles from Iran.

  5. I have less of an issue with that. Cartoons are meant to trivialize and mock; in fact, if they didn’t trivialize and mock, I’d be worried. My main problem with the Rowson cartoon is that it’s crappy and unfunny.

    I notice (via Wikipedia) that Der Sturmer‘s publisher got strung up at Nuremberg. Did he own the paper? Or did the Nazi party? If the latter, it sounds like he was something of a fall guy.

    That – to this humble legal beagle – is just nuts. It’s like executing Jerry Springer for hosting a lame TV show. I hope he had a lot worse stuff in his paper than a bunch of offensive cartoons, considering how many genuinely murderous Nazis were never brought to justice after the war.

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