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Furtwangler in Berlin, 1942

August 30, 2006

Wilhelm Furtwangler, who died in 1954, was the greatest conductor of the era of recorded music. He was at his most volcanic and mercurial during the years of WWII, directing his beloved Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra throughout the war, torn between his love of Germany and its culture and his hatred of what Hitler had made of them. Of all the performances he gave during that time, none were greater than those of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which for searing, towering intensity have never been matched, nor will ever be.

Here is a small taste of the finale of the performance of April 19th, 1942, the day before Hitler’s birthday. At the end of it, you see Furtwangler, his face a stoic mask, shaking the hand of Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister. It’s shattering, literally, to see such incomparable art harnessed to such impenetrable evil — to see Furtwangler dance-conducting, in his characteristic way, beside the swastika flag.

Notice the faces of the Nazi top brass, including SS chief Heinrich Himmler (he of the pebble glasses). They don’t look overly moved. Yet one woman — a wife, a daughter, a mistress, who knows what she was — bites her lip and looks down.

This is what the choir was singing:

(from ODE TO JOY by Friedrich Schiller)

Joy, daughter of Elysium
Thy magic reunites those
Whom stern custom has parted;
All men will become brothers
Under thy gentle wing.

Be embraced, O millions!
This kiss for all the world!
Brothers!, above the starry canopy
A loving father must dwell.

Joy, beautiful spark of Gods!,
Daughter of Elysium,
Joy, beautiful spark of Gods!


Ambulance anger

August 30, 2006

Michelle Malkin gets a bit hyper in this clip about the Red Cross ambulance hoax and the use of ambulances as terrorist support vehicles, but who can blame her?

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Looks like we’ve got another one

August 29, 2006

Another fake, I mean.

Reuters jeep

Great work from Power Line.

To Reuter is going to join the lexicon along with fisk and pilger.

Update: A powerful piece from Caroline Glick at The Jerusalem Post excoriates international NGOs and the MSM for their collaboration in Hizbollah’s information operations campaign. (A useful phrase, that.)

Further update:
Iowahawk gets the spirit. This whole thing is just getting ridiculous. How many more faked stories are out there?

Another update: Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer appears to get it too.


The silence of Evil Pundit

August 28, 2006


I’d been wondering what had happened to him. All the best and recover soon to the fray, Evil.


The war, the left and moral equivalence (I)

August 28, 2006

It’s easy enough to disagree with the left on the small to medium sized things. You do the stoush thing somewhere on the blogos, get stuff off your chest, and walk away wondering if you’re ever going to get past talking past each other. Most of the time it doesn’t really matter.

But on a couple of the really big things the left has got me puzzled — the war in Lebanon, and the global terrorist threat.

Take the first one. Why did large sections of the left turn into a cheer squad for Hizbollah and its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, and for march for both of them in tens if not hundreds of thousands in so many of the world’s major cities? They even marched in Buenos Aires, the city that witnessed two devastating attacks by Hizbollah against Jewish targets in the 1990’s, costing more than a hundred lives. Jewish counter-protestors were hustled off the streets.

In London, ‘Gorgeous’ George Galloway addressed throngs of protestors bearing placards that read ‘We are all Hizbollah how’, proclaiming that he was there to glorify the organsation and its leader. And what throngs they were. As Sarah Baxter wrote in The Times, old time feminists marched in lockstep with Islamic fundamentalists who would unhesitatingly have denied them every right they had won over the past generations — and then some.

Maybe Galloway didn’t speak for all the protestors; maybe some had doubts about their new affiliations — but judging from the number of Hizbollah flags and portaits of Nasrallah waved aloft he surely spoke for a sizeable proportion of them. I can understand — just — that Islamists would valorise Nasrallah, but not that so many on the left would make common cause with them.

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My kind of bomb shelter

August 26, 2006

Just chuck in in a couple of cats and some real hi-fi along with the anti-missile defensives.

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Hizbollies and hoaxes

August 25, 2006

This video is doing the rounds, highlighting the deceptive (and that’s putting it mildly) reporting that has come out of the MSM during the recent war between Israel and Hizbollah. It’s really worth a look. Don’t be put off by the funny voices.

All Your Fakes Are Belong To Us:

Elsewhere, EU Referendum wraps up a mammoth expose of Qana, and Zombietime photo-fisks the IDF-fired-at-ambulances story that wasn’t and didn’t.

Update: On the latter case — the ambulances one — AnonymousLefty has a half-hearted post up but no-one is even trying to defend the MSM take on the faked story.