Three Israeli mothers

August 3, 2006

Orna Shimoni:

Yalik was born immediately afterward. In ’75. We call him Eyal, which recalls Yoel. But he knows nothing about that. He is an after-the-war child. A child of love. Of hope. But the layer of fear had already peeled off. I already had the feeling of no way out. I understood that they want us in the sea. No matter what we do, they want us in the sea.

Bruria Sharon:

It is true that we were wrong in thinking that Nasrallah would not pursue us into Galilee. We were wrong in our evaluation of what would happen. But still, leaving Lebanon brought six years of quiet. That’s a done deed. No one can argue with that. Six years is the lives of 150 young men. It’s the blossoming and prosperity of Galilee. And even now, being out of Lebanon makes it possible for us to mount this strong response.

Zohara Antebi:

Like all wars, this war, too is accursed. But this is an existential war at levels we do not yet understand. I think that it is approaching the War of Independence in terms of importance. It will determine whether Iran will control the Arab world. It will determine whether we will be able to survive against extreme Islam. And I hope that everything will be done not to use youth and innocence in this war as cheap raw material. But I heard the terrible booms of the Hezbollah shelling as they abducted the two soldiers on the border. And I understood immediately how terrible it is. And I understood that this is a war of no choice. And when there is no choice, there is no choice. No matter how heavy the heart. No matter how awful the burden.

Read the whole thing.

And making the mothers’ point for them,  Ahmadinejad of Iran prescribes the destruction of Israel as the only medicine that will ever cure the Middle East.


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