Pictures kill: UPDATED

August 9, 2006

Or they do if they make people mad enough.

The blogosphere’s exposure of faked or staged photographs depicting incidents in the war between Hizbollah and Israel isn’t letting up. How many more are there?

Drinking From Home has one.

Olehgirl has one.

Gateway Pundit has one.

I particularly liked these images spotted by Scott at The Daily Ablution, sourced from the Guardian. They purport to show Beirut before and after an IAF bombing raid. The only visible difference is that one is in colour and the other is all kind of bleached out.

Michelle Malkin and Little Green Footballs are all over it.


Update on a lighter note:

Not a Fish reckons there’s something suss about this one. So do I.

It’s captioned:

Night strike: An Israeli warplane flies past the moon over the southern port city of Tyre. (AFP/Hassan Ammar)

Pull the other one.

Futher, grimmer, update:

You can’t beat this one, though. “Green Helmet” filmed stage-managing the action at Qana.


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