Wrapping up Qana

August 15, 2006

The bloggers at EU Referendum are finalising their investigation into the incident at Qana on July 30th, with loads of help from across the blogos. A fantastic example of the ability of the blogger hordes to set the world of the mainstream media to rights.

To remind: Qana represented a huge PR setback for Israel, precipitated apologies and a temporary ceasefire, and agitated the Islamic world to a vast extent. It was images of the cavalcade of dead children allegedly recovered from the ruins that provided the shock value that triggered these responses.

While we still do not know exactly what happened that night, we can at least say with assurance that the filming of the recovery of the dead was staged as a conscious propaganda exercise by Hizbollah or its sympathisers.

The most egregious example so far uncovered is here, where a child’s corpse is used as a theatrical prop.

And the world fell headlong for it.


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