Hizbollies and hoaxes

August 25, 2006

This video is doing the rounds, highlighting the deceptive (and that’s putting it mildly) reporting that has come out of the MSM during the recent war between Israel and Hizbollah. It’s really worth a look. Don’t be put off by the funny voices.

All Your Fakes Are Belong To Us:

Elsewhere, EU Referendum wraps up a mammoth expose of Qana, and Zombietime photo-fisks the IDF-fired-at-ambulances story that wasn’t and didn’t.

Update: On the latter case — the ambulances one — AnonymousLefty has a half-hearted post up but no-one is even trying to defend the MSM take on the faked story.



  1. Rob, a must read.

  2. Thanks, C.L, a great piece of analysis.

    Having lost more than 500 of its fighters, and with almost all of its medium-range missiles destroyed, Hezbollah may find it hard to sustain its claim of victory. “Hezbollah won the propaganda war because many in the West wanted it to win as a means of settling score with the United States,” says Egyptian columnist Ali al-Ibrahim. “But the Arabs have become wise enough to know TV victory from real victory.”

    Exactly. We can only wait and see, but Taheri’s reading seems prescient to me.

    Interesting he picked up the IDF’s claim that they had killed 530 identified Hizbollah fighters. It’s not reflected anywhere in the MSM that I have seen, just on the IDF’s website.

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