I have no idea….

September 4, 2006

…. why the YouTube links no longer work or why you are staring at blank squares instead of populated ones.

Update: Seems OK now.



  1. I still get the picture, but when I click on it, it won’t play. This is very strange – I showed the Furtwangler clip to a mate last night and it worked fine.

  2. I get a message that says ‘This video is no longer available’. Never mind, I think there’s another copy of it at YouTube so I’ll link to that.

  3. Now your gravatar has gone MIA. Weird.

    … oh yeah, have a read of the media thread I started on Catallaxy. You inspired it, so I’d like your feedback.

  4. All fixed now, sl. And I’ll go over to Catallaxy and comment on your excellent post.

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