Farewell, Ken Parish

September 5, 2006

The big news on the blogosphere is that Ken Parish has hung up his blogging boots over at Club Troppo.

This is a huge shame. In its former incarnation as Troppo Armadillo Ken ran the best site on the Oz blogos. It’s true that in recent times Troppo has fallen a bit from its former glory. But in its day it was the best of the best, and is still the yardstick against which all others are measured.

The sphere’s finest commenter, Geoff Honnor, said:

I remember saying to Ken a long time ago that there was no harder ask than attempting to maintain an ideologically detached blogging perspective.

For a start, no-one believes that you are non-aligned and secondly, your blog ends up being like the Holy Roman Empire during the Thirty Years War – laid waste by those continually seeking to expose you as a heretic.

It’s a hell of a lot easier to run a Left or Right wing blog where the faithful roll up to pledge allegiance, have the truth of their insights confirmed and kick around the handful of interlopers who inevitably front to blow ineffectual – but often very personalised – raspberries.

Ken kept persevering with the ideal of non-aligned civil discourse long after it had become abundantly clear that it’s bloody hard to sustain without eventual resort to ideological anchoring.

It’s to his credit that he did and, as I’ve noted elsewhere, he nurtured some impressive spinoff talent in doing so.

There are very few people who’ve signed off in the Ozblogosphere with as much accrued credit as he has.

A lot of history and blog politics lie behind Ken’s retirement. My brief take on it is here.


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