More fire over England

September 6, 2006

I wish this weren’t true, but it seems it is. British police not only receive cultural sensitivity training from wannabe Islamic terrorists, but are unembarrassed about it.

Anti-Terrorist Branch police from London raided the private Jameah Islameah school in East Sussex and in the same inquiry arrested 14 people in London Sept. 1 and 2. The county’s police force said its own officers visited the school as many as 15 times for training to improve their awareness of Muslim culture. London police said the raids aren’t tied to the 2005 London bombings or arrests Aug. 10 over an alleged plot to bomb planes.


“We are not embarrassed by our involvement with the school but, inevitably, this will have to be reviewed in the light of the weekend’s events,” Sussex Police said in an e-mailed statement

Yes, I think that’d be right, PC Plod. Maybe you were doing clever undercovery kind of stuff, but somehow I’m doubting it.

Funny — I grew up a few miles from Tunbridge Wells. It was a lovely town then.

(Via Little Green Footballs.)


  1. Unfortunately, faith schools, unwatched by our government, whatever their religion, are easy to veer to extremism.

    Sleepwalking to segregation doesn’t sound as funny now.

  2. It looks that way, Shamash. Liked your site. BTW, I used to be a leftist, too.

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