Furtwangler in Berlin, 1942 Redux

September 10, 2006

franciszhou has now posted at YouTube a 04:40 piece of footage of Furtwangler’s performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in Berlin on April 19th, 1942 instead of the 01:40 excerpt I posted earlier. Better video as well. Any additional minute of this artist captured on film is immortal magic.

What does redux mean, anyway?

Update: franciszhou writes me via YouTube that the extended footage is from a documentary called Portrait of Wilhelm Furtwangler. My esteemed fellow WF fan has a site (great) but it’s in Chinese (not great — for me).



  1. Dear Sir:
    As you point above, the site of FrancisZhou is, unfortunately, in Chinese.

    Since you have Francis’s mail address, would you ask him for the subtitles for “Portrait of W. Furtwangler” in anyone of German, English, French or Spanish?

    If you get them, please send it to emule or to me at the above address and I will make them available.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. The best thing would be to get in contact with francis via YouTube. I’ve not got his email address.

  3. Rob, I got a message on Google Reader yesterday that you had put up a new post abour Furtwangler, but when I go to the link nothing happens. Is there something wrong with your blog? https://thebetterpartofvalour.wordpress.com/2009/01/24/furtwangler-plays-beethovens-9th-symphony-three-studies-in-desperation/

  4. I put up a post and then deleted it, is all. My apologies to readers of BPOV. I’ll get something up shortly. I have a long piece on Furtwangler stewing.

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