How the BBC would have lost WWII

September 11, 2006

More superb work from Drinking From Home (of “The unluckiest multiple home owner in Beirut” fame):


I don’t think our own ABC would have done it better.



  1. Maybe a little TOO harsh on the BBC. They would have had in interview with Goering at the very least to explain why cleansing the Jews was asuch a necessary part, and would at least had a detractor for some inpartialitiy.

    No, that seems more of CHannel 4 ‘we hate Israel and anything anti-American is fine by us’ News

  2. Thank you, oh thank you, for the best laugh of the week. Odious Orla is one of the people I love to loathe. 😉

  3. I can’t find this material on the original site, and it’s so good I want to stick it up on Catallaxy. Have you got a link to the original? And the Fergal Keane gag is spot on, too.

  4. Trackback

  5. Sounds good …. but skillful and determined negotations might have brought the Second World war to a speedier, happier and far less destructive conclusion …. and if the BBC could have played a useful part in that, so much the better…..

  6. sl, here’s the original link.

    (Sorry for the delayed response — I’ve been away.)

  7. Alas, the stoush over at Catallaxy on this point is ongoing…

  8. Yes, it’s Birdy at his worst, I’m afraid.

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