“A volcano of terror”

September 13, 2006

For more on Gaza, I can’t do better than link to the marvellous Michael J. Totten’s latest post.

“We have good defenses on the border fence,” the major said. “Last year more than 70 terrorists were killed trying to breach it. Because the area is very confined, terrorism is brewing. They keep trying to find ways to go outside. It is like a volcano of terror. It needs to go somewhere.

Read it all.



  1. Hey, Rob.

    Just wanted to wish you much fun and enjoyment on your trip, which I suspect is up-coming (or maybe already in progress?).

    w/r/t an earlier post below, in which you contemplate closing the blog… well, I for one hope you don’t. (but of course, that’s the lazy man saying, Yeah, sure, go ahead and do a lot of hard work that I appreciate…) This place is always interesting and insightful. I don’t think the spareness of commenters is a ‘comment’ as it were… I think it’s more like, some blogs become conversations, and one goes to others just to soak up the sensibility of the blog’s owner… f’rinstance, I wouldn’t dream of commenting at Belmont Club, even though I read it regularly.

    Anyway, just some thoughts… either way, thanks for your superb efforts, and whatever else you decide to do, enjoy your trip!

  2. Thanks, j_p_z. Off to Europe in a week’s time. Envy me The Magic Flute at the Vienna State Opera. [!]

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