Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s new project

September 22, 2006

Expelled or exiled — perhaps “exhaled” would be a better word — Netherlands politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a new project.

Slender, elegant, stylish and articulate [*] (in English, Dutchali and Swahili), she has found an intellectual home here at theAmerican Enterprise Institute, where she is writing a book that imagines Muhammad meeting, in the New York Public Library, three thinkers — John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Hayek and Karl Popper, each a hero of the unending struggle between (to take the title of Popper’s 1945 masterpiece) “The Open Society and Its Enemies.” Islamic extremists — the sort who were unhinged by some Danish cartoons — will be enraged. She is unperturbed.

Rafe Champion will be intrigued.

[*Why do they have to keep saying that? I mean, I know she is and all, but….  Is it a boy thing?]

(Via Peaktalk.)


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