…and speaking of Auschwitz

November 2, 2006

…here’s the winner of the Iranian government’s competition for cartoons about the Holocaust, announced early this year in the wake of the Danish cartoons controversy.

the winner is

While not as subtle or as fully-conceived as Leunig’s famous “offering”, it is very similarly themed.

Leunig should have left his in. He surely would have won; his is a technically and conceptually superior cartoon.

From the Jerusalem Post:

The exhibit curator, Masoud Shojai, said the contest will be an annual event.

“Actually, we will continue until the destruction of Israel,” he said.

Update: As Drinking From Home caustically remarks, if the idea of the contest was to demonstrate that the Holocaust was a myth, what was Auschwitz doing in the cartoon?


One comment

  1. Most of the cartoons I saw from that comp didn’t deny the Holocaust. Some of them were pretty sick, and I know of at least one disqualification because the Mullahs couldn’t cope with sex and spanking in a cartoon.

    I don’t think the winner is that good, actually. There’s an Israeli site that does similar stuff (intended as a pisstake on the Iranian comp) which is on the whole much better.

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