The limits of RWDBism

November 15, 2006

You can get stopped in your tracks sometimes. There I was, doing my usual morning stroll through the right wing side of the blogos, when I followed a link from Peaktalk, a very thoughtful RW Dutch-Canadian blog, to Fried Brains (which was new to me) on the promise of some — more — PC lunacy.

Good story, I thought, must link that.

Then I found this commentary, and thought I must have wandered into a horror comic:

This is becoming more and more evident in Australia now with radical neo-Nazi type groups starting to form. Of course I do not condone these kinds of groups, and nobody should, but I can understand why they are forming; governments are not listening. White Australians (the majority race) can see their culture being taken away from them by force, and they can see it being replaced by another. They can see immigrants coming into the country who have no intention of becoming Australian, and they can see them being given more advantages and rights than they, themselves, have. And politicians from both major parties appear to condone it. That is, both parties know multiculturalism is failing, but neither has the balls to confront it for the fear of losing votes; hence, individuals are not being given a political choice on the subject, apart from voting for small parties. The same can be said for most Western countries.

Wrong in about 15 different directions, Tezza.

Grubby stuff.


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