Possibly why the US did not prevent 9/11

November 17, 2006

Harold Evans, former editor of The Sunday Times, writes in The New York Sun:

At the conference of editors in Edinburgh, one delegate was asked whether before September 11 she would have published the fact that the CIA had found a way to listen in on Osama’s satellite telephone calls. She said she certainly would have because there could be no limit on the public’s right to know.

Several newspapers that did know about the satellite calls forbore, but the Washington Times published that leak. And lo and behold, Osama never used that connection again. Just conceivably, 3,000 died on 9/11 because of that “right to know.”



  1. Yes, I guess it could have been that. Alternatively, it might have been more immediately due to the well documented failure of the Bush administration to pay the slightest attention to the threat once in office. Tough call.

  2. I think you’re right, all of our hard earned freedoms, and our reluctance to sacrafice some of them, will be our end…

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