The BBC biased? Never!

November 23, 2006

This piece of gush applauding Hamas’ use of human shields in Gaza is a bit rich even for the BBC.

The BBC’s spruiking for terrorists is even more unabashed than CNN’s. No wonder some Middle Eastern commentators observed wryly during the recent war in Lebanon that even Al Jazeera was more balanced.

From militant leaders to schoolgirls, Palestinians can unite in confronting their enemy and the passive resistance of the human shields will be admired from around the world.

The boys on the roofs, armed only with Palestinian flags and facing down war planes, are a David and Goliath image for the modern age.

But nobody should imagine that the likes of Hamas are suddenly being won over wholly to the strategies of pacifism.

Indeed not. But perhaps someone should remind Mr Johnston that the behaviour he so admires actually constitutes a war crime.


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