The ISG Report — a victory for the jihadists?

December 11, 2006

They certainly think so.

The foolishness and naivety of the Iraq Study Group have played straight into the jihadists’ hands. What on earth were they thinking?

According to Abu Abdullah, a senior leader of Hamas’ military wing, Baker’s report is a victory for Islam brought about by “Allah and his angels.”

“It is not just a simple victory. It is a great one. The big superpower of the world is defeated by a small group of mujahedeen (fighters). Did you see the mujahedeens’ clothes and weapons in comparison to the huge individual military arsenal and supply that was carrying every American soldier?” exclaimed Abu Abdullah, who is considered one of the most important operational members of Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades, Hamas’ declared “resistance” department.

“It is no doubt that Allah and his angels were fighting with them (insurgents) against the Americans. It is a sign to all those who keep saying that America, Israel and the West in general cannot be defeated on the ground so let us negotiate with them,” Abu Abdullah said.

Abu Abdullah said following a withdrawal from Iraq, the US will be defeated on its own soil.

‘Jihad will ultimately destroy Israel’.

“America must understand that with anti-American governments in Latin America and with Islam growing and reinforcing, including in the US itself, the next step would be a total defeat on their (American) land, not a relative one like they are facing in Iraq,” he said.

Abu Nasser, the second-in-command of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group in the West Bank, called the Iraq Study Group report a “great victory” from which other jihadist organizations can learn.

“The Iraqi victory is a great message and lesson to the revolutionary and freedom movements in the world. Just to think that this resistance is led by hundreds of Sunni fighters who defeated hundreds of thousands of Americans, British and thousands of soldiers who belong to the puppet regime in Baghdad. What would be the situation if the Shiites will decide to join the resistance?” commented Abu Nasser.

The al-Aqsa leader said his group learned from the “Iraqi resistance” that jihad will ultimately destroy Israel.



  1. This article is less than impressed with the ISG report:
    Captain Obvious to the rescue

  2. Thanks, MCB. I thought exactly the same. Much of the report is almost Monty Pythonesque.

    Viz: How do you play the flute? Well, you blow in this end here and move your fingers up and down here and that’s how you play the flute.

    On one LP thread ace commenter j_p_z pointed to a similar Python sketch about how to cure all known diseases: first you get a degree as a doctor and then you make a terrific discovery that will cure all known diseases and then there will be no more diseases.

    The ISG report is similar indeed.

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