Gaza, or the price of terror

December 15, 2006

Beneath the ever-present smokescreen to Palestinian attacks and Israeli reprisals, the tiny Palestinian statelet of Gaza, born in such great hopes just over a year ago, is dying. Everyone is leaving. Businesses are evacuating. The most talented of its people are evacuating, often ostensibly to Cuba, but in reality to Europe.

Why? Because their leaders will not — will not — relinquish terror.

Israel at the UN:

This bloodshed can stop in one second. If terror stops, there will not be one single victim, Israeli or Palestinian. End the violence, and Israel never again needs to engage in self-defense.

(Via Carl in Jerusalem.)


  1. Not complicated is it? The depravity of the Palestinian political class – and, alas, probably a majority (or large minority) of its citizenry nowadays – is mindboggling.

  2. Rob,
    thanks for the link to the article.
    it’s all so discouraging.

    I read your comment on Augean Stables
    well said.

    nancy in israel

  3. Thanks, nancy.

  4. http://www.btselem.org/English/Statistics/Casualties.asp

    (Israeli Information Centre for Human Rights)

    Roughly 6 Palestinians killed for every Israeli, inclusive of 806 Palestinian minors killed by Israeli security forces.

    The “depravity” of the Palestinians for not following the book of Macabees: “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”???

    Another one for you all from a later book:

    “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

  5. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

    As the Arabs found out the hard way during the Six Day War.

  6. That’s as poor a prescription for a solution as any I’ve come across, Ali Ibrahim.

  7. The “solution” Mr Rob 6 Palestinian lives for one Israeli life is not my solution, but it suggests from what MrCL saying that if Palestinian leadership “depraved” then Israeli leadership is 6 times more “depraved”.

    If you say Israeli leadership not “depraved” at all then what you are saying is innocent Israeli lives worth more than innocent Palestinian lives.

    You cannot avoid the statistic.

    For myself personally I don’t agree with taking any innocent life but while you may rightly condemn loss of innocent Israeli lifes I dont ever see you aknowledge and condemn about 6X loss of innocent Palestinian life.

    Why not doing and supporting what your great leader Churchill saying (I read all the volumes on his second world war) “jaw jaw” instead of the “war war”

    The west want democracy for Palestinian government but when Hamas elected what did you do then? Oh “no good, they elect the WRONG people” so you cut off the aid money and Palestinian people starving?

    You want exterminate Palestinian people like happened to Jewish people in the Warsaw ghetto–starved and killed? And what did the Jewish people do? They fight back. I’m not saying Israel is Nazi but I thought you will find the statistic speaks for itself.

    And then you wondering why they hate you in the west and doing the suicide bombing?

    There is two sides to the story–I know Fatah corrupt, that’s why Palestinian people reject them, but now you prop up the Fatah leader and drive wedge further with Palestinians hoping Fatah will go soft and give everything you want.

    You can play this politics but in the end problem will only be solved by all sides doing the “jaw jaw” and Israel stop stealing the Palestinian land.

  8. There is a lot in what you say, Ali Ibrahim.

    But can I make a couple of points.

    When Israel withdrew from Gaza over a year ago, it was not necessary for the Palestinians to turn their tiny statelet into a launch pad for Qassams. They chose to do that. It was not necessary for Hamas and the PRC to kidnap an Israeli soldier in a cross border incursion — an unambiguous act of war, given the border is internationally recognised. They chose to do that. It was not necessary to turn Gaza into a lawless swamp and a terrorists’ kitchen. They chose to do it.

    All these things the Palestinians did by choice, absent any occupation by the Israelis.

    And since the (nominal) truce of November, over 60 Qassam rockets have fallen on Israel’s southern towns, killing some, wounding many, with the express intention (expressed by Hamas) of forcing Israel to evacuate its southern towns.

    What has any of this got to do with stealing Palestinian land, given that the land has been returned to the Palestinians?

  9. Palestinian land also includes the west bank Mr Rob. And gaza port and air space controlled by Israel

    The Israeli’s choose not to recognise the Hamas government but in Gaza, you say it was turned into a “terrorists swamp”– land which has become a ghetto like in Warsaw in 1943.

    Cutting off for one million civilians power and water supplies by bombing is proportion response?

    Kidnapping Hamas leaders and holding them as hostage is international law?


    29/06/2006 Palestine Media Center – PMC

    “Pre-empting a Palestinian national unity government after the anti-occupation factions initially agreed to an amended “prisoners’ document,” Israel in violation of international law kidnapped as hostages nine Palestinian cabinet ministers, 21 MPs, a number of elected mayors among at least 60 others in the West Bank and pushed its tanks and troops into northern Gaza Strip overnight Thursday in the second stage of “Operation Summer Rains,” cutting less than one million Palestinians from electricity and water supplies for months.”

    Statistic: One Israeli soldier kidnapped, Israel kidnaps maybe one hundred.

    From the Wiki
    Statistic: between 7,000 and 9,000 Israeli artillery shells have been fired into Gaza since September 2005, killing 80 Palestinians — 1,300 Qassam rockets have been fired into Israel from September to December 21, 2006.
    (There again the 6 to 1 ratio.)

    So Mr Rob, please consider again the proportion of how Israel reacts. Israel cannot in my opinions have the military solution–only political. Like America in Iraq, stubborn and foolish. Hamas will talk when Israel finishes the “occupation and extermination” policy

    Israel tried for military solution against Hezbollah in Lebanon, same story of failure.

    When will you people in the west stop thinking you can impose the military solution? You are proud of what Bush did in Iraq?–is it because we are only the “brown people”

    Will you be happy if the crazy Bush starts nuclear bombing in Iran while he talks democracy out of the side of his mouth and supports the non-democracy Saudi, Jordan, Egypt?

    All the fighting in the middle east is related but Israel and America the cause of most of it now. And Europe feeling guilty for the haulocaust and dispossessing the palestinians in 1948 by pressing for the State of Israel, the cause of Palestinian problems now. The Israeli halocaust victim now becoming the oppressor–this is the irony.

  10. I forgot one thing, Nabi Isa, (the prophet for us) said: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.”

    But I dont see a lot of peacemaking from your sides, looking at what happens from 2002.

    I condemn what happenned the criminal septembre 11 but look the proportion there: 3000 plus in New York and how many hundreds of thousands in the middle east from that time?

  11. What does this mean , though:

    “Hamas will talk when Israel finishes the “occupation and extermination” policy”.

    As you know, Hamas does not accept a two state solution and has said so innumerable times. Its charter commits it to the destruction of Israel, the removal of the Jews from the Mediterranean littoral and the establishment of a theocratic Islamic state across the territories and the land now known as Israel. There have been no indications that I’m aware of that Hamas has any interest in talking to Israel, only in achieving its publicly stated and repeated objectives.

    Israel has never had an extermination policy, and under Sharon and then under Olmert was committed to unilateral withdrawal from the occupied territories.

    It’s hard to see how it can go ahead with its plans to withdraw from the West Bank, given the experiences in Gaza — although Olmert does not appear to have ruled it out.

    As to your statistics — those munitions were fired during the course of a war instigated by Hamas and the Public Resistance Committees. The Qassams were fired into Israel for many months, averaging around three a day and commencing almost from the very day of the withdrawal, without attracting a military response from Israel.

    I acknowledge that the destruction of the civilian infrastructure during Summer Rains — power and water facilities — in Gaza was disproportionate, and possibly, if it can be shown to have constituted collective punishment, also a war crime. We can agree on that at least if little else.

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