Finders, thinkers, linkers

January 3, 2007

Which are you, fellow bloggers?

Wretchard at The Belmont Club has a great post up discussing the way the blogosphere works. It’s largely drawn from the experiences of blogging during the summer war between Israel and Hizbollah, but extrapolates to the suggestion that blogging can be characterised by three sets of practitioners: finders, thinkers or linkers.


Interesting stuff. Lots of good ideas in the post and in comments.

Read the whole thing.


  1. Guess I tried to do a bit of everything, usually ending up as a mini-essayist. All types have their place, I think. Reynolds’ linkorama approach used to bore me but now I enjoy dropping in there to see who’s doing what.

    Incidentally, as generous as you are dear Rob, I can’t possibly be a “daily read” for you these days so feel free to put my sidebar link out of its misery. 😉

  2. C.L., I’ve said before that you are/were the best writer on the Ozblogos. I hope you will come back. I’ve not always agreed with you but your site used to be the first I’d click to every day.

    I think Wretchard makes some good points, but they really only relate to the US and UK blogospheres. I don’t see any of the kind of forensic investigative work done by zombietime or EU Referendum or little green footballs over here in Oz. It leaves me wondering what on earth is the point of blogging in the way we do. Nothing we do will challenge the MSM, although I guess Tim Blair, gadfly eternal, is a bit ahead of the game in some respects. Mostly, as you know, we just shout at each other. We may as well be down the pub. Ah well.

    But there have been real coups in the US and the UK.

  3. I agree. There is a little blogospherical muscle on offer here to shake up the way things are reported. Blair carries most of the load as the interface point for MSM/blog debates and in generating offline attention – he’s often interviewed and his Danish cartoons stance was reported. Apart from Tim’s efforts, though, the ‘sphere is still a world unto itself. Moreover, the ersatz MSM “blogs” now appearing will probably marginalise whatever reporterly or investigative impetus may have been in the offing anyway. We’ll see.

  4. Meant “There is a little blogospherical muscle on offer here…”

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