Back in Canberra — back blogging

January 14, 2007

Me and Francesca the cat survived the return trip to Canberra — Ceska rather better than I, if anything. She knew where she was directly she stepped out of the cat cage: took a look around, had a couple of sniffs, and said to herself, ‘I’m home. Thanks for nothing. And where’s my food? Get to it!’

She’s probably forgotten the time she brought in a Western Brown snake for me to admire. It’s only the 9th deadliest reptile in the world, but just a toy to her. The snake man I got in to catch the thing said it had enough venom in it to kill seven adult humans, but cats are almost immune to snake bites. She knew that, of course, but I didn’t.

A nasty piece of work which was returned to the Central Australian desert where it belongs

I was going to stop blogging, at least for a while, but this thing has affixed itself to me like an arm, so after I shut the site, I had to resurrect it almost straightaway with a new WordPress theme.



  1. Sir,

    Welcome back. The blogosphere wasn’t the same without you.

    Mild Colonial Boy, Esq.

  2. Good that you are back. There is always time to destroy the blog.

    As a rule, destruction is easy. Why have I said this? Onset of senility, I guess.

    But re the snake: am I right in my suspicion that most of Aussies enjoy that kind of stuff?

  3. No, Snoopy.

  4. Francesca is wrong about that “immunity” thing, Rob. You should let her know without delay.

  5. Good, Rob. What MCB said.

  6. Now I have the answer to my question.

    Hey, we’ve all done that.

  7. Hey that blog sidebar hover trick is cool!

  8. Excellent, isn’t it?

    And I don’t know why those widgets at Webdiary keep complaining about how expensive it is to run a blog. This one costs me zilch.

  9. I don’t know about calling the people over at Webdiary “widgets” – in WordPress the widgets actually work.

  10. So here you are! I was wondering what happened to your blog. Please don’t disappear again. Your voice is too valuable. I missed you.

  11. Thanks, Lisa. I missed you during your recent long silences too and am really glad you are posting more frequently again.

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