Blogroll updated

January 14, 2007

As part of the site re-vamp I’ve updated the blogroll. In my experience these sites represent some of the most interesting of the Australian and international blogospheres and are always worth reading, whatever your politics. Some I agree with; some I don’t. I’ve included my favourite blogs from the Middle East and Africa. More to follow.



  1. Rob, have you changed blogs?

    I just tried to get you through the link on my site and it didn’t work.

    Will update. That Snap Preview is pretty cool.

  2. Hi Rob

    Glad to be back? I’m pretty sure that you only have to see the Todd flow three times to become one of the ‘dammned to return and remain in Alice Springs for all eternity’. So, what do you think about being back? Some days it’s more like being back in another country I feel, one with shops. Also, your first showground sojourn (if you are into that) is quite a different experience. I find mostly I miss my friends from Alice, but very little about Alice Springs itself, cept maybe the Ranges, they were always beautiful to look at.

    Glad to hear Francesca made it back okay, it’s a long time in a cat cage for them.

  3. Sorry, Mindy, I’ve been away from the internet for a while. Yes, shopping is Alice is a bit depressing when the upper limit of the experience is represented by a visit to K-mart. I too miss the ranges — but also the tall lovely girls who are surprisingly many in number for such a small town, and the beautiful white ghost gums out in the scrub, and the red river gums overhanging the dry rivers, and the small, scuttling androgyne who hung around Yeperenye shopping centre with his or her briefcase, looking ever so intent. On what, I wonder?

    Sorry I missed the floods. They must have been really something.

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