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Raleigh’s heirs and Nelson’s

March 29, 2007

I don’t know what to make of this footage of the British sailors and marines captured by Iran a few days ago while conducting anti-smuggling operations outside Iranian territory.

Too early to tell, I guess.

(Via Pajamas Media.)


The Great Global Warming Swindle

March 28, 2007

For those who haven’t see it yet.

You probably won’t want to hit “play” unless you’ve got broadband.

I’m a global warming agnostic, myself. I don’t understand the science, and both sides can make an argument that sounds perfectly reasonable and convincing — until you read the rebuttals.

But global warming always struck me as a modern version of medieval apocalyptic: not the Chicken Little variety (‘the sky is falling, the sky is falling, oh! whatever shall we do?’), but the full-blown Revelation-of-St-John version, complete with ominous signs of The Last Days, and the imperious command to general repentance by humanity at large as their only hope of eventual salvation.

Personally, I think that if AGW is really occurring, there is virtually nothing we can do about it. Others may have greater faith in the UN than I do, but as an organisation it has not been able to prevent such relatively trivial things as war, pestilence, flood and famine. How on earth is it going to be able to prevent something like global warming?

Maybe we should do what we’ve always done: wait and see what really happens (forgetting the baroque scenarios conjured up by computer modelling), and trust to human ingenuity to come up with the solutions if, as and when they’re required.


If I were a Finnish politician….

March 26, 2007

… I’d look like this.


Excellent UK blog Harry’s Place points to a Finnish website that enables you to see which politician looks most like you — using THE most brilliant version of facial recognition software. Apparently, there is research that indicates people vote for the candidate who looks most like themselves.

For a laugh I uploaded a picture of me and scored a 74% recognition factor with Ms Vainitovakatovataarovoanilaa (or whatever — I can’t read Finnish).

The search is only available for Finnish parliamentary candidates at this stage.

Still, think of the possibilities. I’d come out looking like either John Howard or Kevin Rudd, if either of them grew a beard. But Ms V didn’t have one either.