First the pardon, then the profit

April 8, 2007

It seems the 15 released British sailors and marines are planning to do pretty well by their ordeal.

But look at the three guys on the right. They don’t look too happy.

The former captives are expected to make around £250,000 between them. Faye Turney, the 26-year-old seawoman, is likely to get the most profitable deal. She is said to have sold her story for £150,000 in a joint contract with a newspaper and ITV.

The prezzies brought back in their doggy bags are also to be turned to profit, it seems. You’d possibly have expected fighting men and women to return these rather insulting giftlets to sender with a request to stick them — but no:

There were reports that the Royal Marines were planning to sell the vases given to them in their ‘goody bags’ by the Iranians on eBay.

But all is not well. Some think they are worth more than the others.

One of the hostages, Dean Harris, 30, an acting sergeant in the Royal Marines, told a Sunday Times reporter yesterday: “I want £70,000. That is based on what the others have told me they have been offered. I know Faye has been offered a heck more than that. I am worth it because I was one of only two who didn’t crack.”

One of the two who didn’t roll over? Interesting.

Sordid is the nicest way of describing this whole business. There are others, but there’s no need to go there.

Let’s hope at least some of it isn’t true.

(Hat tip: EU Referendum.)

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  1. […] Part of Valour notes that the 15 British sailors/marines kidnapped by Iran – if nothing else – look set to make a killing in the red-tops back home. Still at sea, Mark at Oz Conservative dissects an American commentator […]

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