LS Faye Turney tells her story

April 9, 2007

To the London Sun.

“Two new guys in suits arrived. They didn’t shout like the others. One said he had come to make me an offer.

“If I confessed to being in Iranian waters and wrote letters to my family, the British people and the Iranian people, I’d be free within two weeks.

“If I didn’t, they’d put me on trial for espionage and I’d go to prison for ‘several years’. I had just an hour to think about it.

“If I did it, I feared everyone in Britain would hate me. But I knew it was my one chance of fulfilling a promise to Molly that I’d be home for her birthday on May 8.”

I really think these guys would be well advised to just shut up and not say another word. It gets worse and worse.

Update: Apparently, LS Turney ‘felt like a traitor’ to her country while penning the letters she wrote about British and American troops engaged in operations in Iraq. It doesn’t seem necessary to comment, somehow.

But a small note of correction to the BBC: by her own account, she was not forced to write the letters; she was offered a deal, and she took it.

This is just horrible.


Meanwhile Arthur Batchelor, 20, the youngest of the British sailors to be held captive, told the Daily Mirror about his “nightmare” at the hands of his captors and how he “cried like a baby” in his cell.

He told the newspaper: “A guard kept flicking my neck with his index finger and thumb. I thought the worst, we’ve all seen the videos. I was frozen in terror and just stared into the darkness of my blindfold.”

I can imagine how that’s going to play in the Middle East.

Further update: YouTube has the whole LS Turney thing here and here. Trenchant commentary from EU Referendum here.



  1. Its clear that service personal should make a promise to their nation that they will behave as service personel when at work and put to one side the promises they make to their infant children – no matter how hard that may be – as in the case of Faye Turney otherwise the rest of the world will always have our soldiers, sailors and airmen at a disadvantage. The fact that uppermost in her mind was fulfilling a promise to her daughter to be home for her birthday seems to me a good reason for women to be kept from the front line as domestic issues seem to take precedent. I’m not saying that I’m the bravest of people but apart from thinking of my loved ones at home, I would have been thinking about my duty to my country!

  2. Dunno that it argues for keeping women away from the front, but certainly in this case personal and professional choices and priorities seem to have got scrambled more than a little.

  3. Rob

    I can barely read this. It’s just suicidally depressing.

  4. “A guard kept flicking my neck with his index finger and thumb. I thought the worst, we’ve all seen the videos. I was frozen in terror and just stared into the darkness of my blindfold.”

    What next would come the spitballs?

  5. What happened to just name, rank and serial number?

  6. PG and Lad [sorry; Boy], the point that seems to obvious to us is sadly missed over at LP (if you ever go there). It’s like fighting shadows in the dark.

  7. Turney should be court marshalled. Whjat was a woman like this doing in a position of authority? From naval Supremacy to Faye. Horatio Nelson is currently having a seizure.

  8. Understand what you’re saying, disgusted, but I believe the RN lieutenant was actually in authority.

  9. Jesus

    Just taken a look at that LP comment thread. What a bunch of fucking metrosexual girls. I’ll bet the troops are glad there are people like these losers behind them.

  10. Yes, it gets a bit surreal over there at times.

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