Lidice 1942 revisited

April 13, 2007

For some reason, I’ve always had a fascination with the story of the fate of Lidice, razed by the Nazis in retaliation for the assassination in 1942 of Hitler’s favoured successor, Reinhard Heydrich, by Free Czechs enlisted with the British fighting services.

The destruction of Lidice.

Last year, when RL and I visited the Czech Republic, we did not manage to get to the site of the obliterated village, but we did visit again the crypt of the church of St Cyrill’s in Prague, not far from the ancient Vltava river, where the assassins made their last stand.

They have been memorialised in their own way: living scars, memories, reverence.

                    Scars                                              Reverence

Heydrich, for his part, was seen off in full baroque style, to the strains of Wagner’s Gotterdammerung.

Unremembered now but with a spit and a curse


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  1. […] the subject of bad, Rob at Better Part of Valour digs up the hagiographic movie the Nazis made about Reinhard Heydrich’s assassination […]

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