Navy ex-captive eyes new career

April 15, 2007

…. as a TV weatherman. Apparently some viewers were so impressed with Lt Felix Carman’s performance in front of maps and stuff that he is contemplating leaving the British Navy to follow his talent in that direction.

Carman, it turns out, was also entertaining hopes of a new career as a TV weather presenter. Last week he said: “Since I came back people have kept referring to me appearing in front of the charts [of the region where they were captured] on Iranian television.”

Being a TV weather man, rather than a naval officer, he said “does appeal”.

Here’s his audition tape (he’s the second sailor to perform).

I think you’ll agree he did pretty well. Despite intense, gruelling psychological pressure, he appeared relaxed, composed, confident and personable. He should do well if he makes the switch.


  1. I wonder how the Iranians STILL detained in Iraq without trial by the US and its puppet government will fair under the “intense, gruelling psychological pressure”..?

  2. Probably singing like canaries, mate. And fair enough. They’re the bad guys. We’re the good ones. Oh, wait….

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