Defeatism in Washington

April 28, 2007

Omar at Iraq The Model comments on “the war is lost” rhetoric recently emanating from the Democrat leadership on Capitol Hill:

General Petraeus said yesterday that things will get tougher before they get easier in Iraq. This is the sort of of fact-based, realistic assessment of the situation which politicians should listen to when they discuss the war thousands of miles away.

We must give this effort the chance it deserves. We should provide all the support necessary. We should heed constructive critique, not the empty rhetoric that the ‘war is lost.’

It is not lost. Quitting is not an option we can afford—not in America and definitely not in Iraq.

Read the whole thing.

Further: Democrat defeatism is playing well in the Middle East, as well it might. More here.


  1. Hubris is an amazing thing, powerful is not the same as all-powerful. We can leave Iraq on our terms, or wait for others to make the decision for us. —Doug

  2. Quitting is not an option we can afford

    Sounding like your old history King Kanute and holding back the tide to me.

    What is it about “war is lost” you don’t understand Mr Rob?

  3. Do you have some point you want to make, Ali?

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