Israel to embrace SOSE?

April 28, 2007

This article by the excellent Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post on the treachery of Arab-Israeli Member of the Knesset Azmi Bishara is significant for many reasons, and deserves a close read. Glick, IMHO, is one of the best journalists writing anywhere in the world today.

But this section in particular caught my eye:

Under the thrall of Oslo and the control of anti-Zionist professors, the Education Ministry quickly began toeing the line. Now led by Yuli Tamir, one of the founders of Peace Now, the ministry last month announced that in accordance with her educational vision, school children will learn fewer facts, since there is no real historic truth.

As Prof. Anat Zohar, the head of the ministry’s pedagogical secretariat put it, “Until now, classrooms didn’t deal with developing thought, only with the transfer of knowledge. Today, with the expected change, the learner will become active. The knowledge will be built in terms of context.”

So since everything is now contextual, there can be no value distinction between the a-historical, false Palestinian narrative and Jewish history.

Oh, no, not Israel too? Australia has been through all this, to its great cost. Only the other day the State governments finally decided to ditch the contextual, fact-deprived course Studies of Society and the Environment (SOSE) from the secondary education curriculum, and re-instate the fact-based disciplines of history, geography and economics in its place.

“Studies of Society and Environment has been criticised by a number of commentators, partly because its focus is not clear from the label,” the report says. “It has become increasingly clear that what should be studied under this label, are the disciplines of history, geography and economics.”

This kind of “education” represents the ultimate trahison des clercs.

Somebody should tell Israel, because it has more to lose from de-legitimising its historical narrative than we do.


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