The Sandmonkey exits

April 29, 2007

One of the best bloggers anywhere is hanging up his boots.

Farewell, Sandmonkey, and keep safe.

Such is the fate of a free spirit in Egypt in these turbulent times.

One of the chief reasons is the fact that there has been too much heat around me lately. I no longer believe that my anonymity is kept, especially with State Secuirty agents lurking around my street and asking questions about me since that day. I ignore that, the same way I ignored all the clicking noises that my phones started to exhibit all of a sudden, or the law suit filed by Judge Mourad on my friends, and instead grew bolder and more reckless at a time where everybody else started being more cautious. It took me a while to take note of the fear that has been gripping our little blogsphere and comprehend what it really means. The prospects for improvment, to put it slightly, look pretty grim. I was the model of caution, and believing in my invincipility by managing not to get arrested for the past 2 and a half years, I’ve grown reckless. Stupid Monkey. Stupid!

Another excellent Egyptian blogger, The Big Pharaoh, has been seen less and less in recent weeks.

These are important, independent voices from the Middle East and they will be sorely and sadly missed.

Both The Sandmonkey and The Big Pharaoh were contributors to the wonderful Good Neighbours blog, a site dedicated to fostering dialogue and understanding across national boundaries in the Middle East.

Update: Pamela at Atlas Shrugs has an interview with The Sandmonkey here.



  1. I always enjoyed the Sand Monkey.

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  3. […] a worrying development, Rob at the Better Part of Valour notes the recent departure from the blogosphere of two leading Egyptian bloggers, one of whom is being actively intimidated by the secret […]

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