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May 6, 2007

UK and US must admit defeat and leave Iraq, says British general

Julian Borger
Friday May 4, 2007
The Guardian

A retired British army general says Iraq’s insurgents are justified in opposing the occupation, arguing that the US and its allies should “admit defeat” and leave Iraq before more soldiers are killed.General Sir Michael Rose told the BBC’s Newsnight programme: “It is the soldiers who have been telling me from the frontline that the war they have been fighting is a hopeless war, that they cannot possibly win it and the sooner we start talking politics and not military solutions, the sooner they will come home and their lives will be preserved.”

Asked if that meant admitting defeat, the general replied: “Of course we have to admit defeat. The British admitted defeat in north America and the catastrophes that were predicted at the time never happened.

“The catastrophes that were predicted after Vietnam never happened [Oh, but they did — Ed.]. The same thing will occur after we leave Iraq. [The catastrophes, you mean? — Ed.]”

General Rose is a former SAS commander and head of UN forces in Bosnia. Last year, he called for Tony Blair to be impeached for going to war on “false pretences”. He has written a book, entitled Washington’s War, which compares the Iraqi rebels to George Washington’s irregular forces in the American war of independence.

When he was asked if he thought the Iraqi insurgents were right to try to force the US-led coalition out, he replied: “Yes I do. As Lord Chatham [the politician William Pitt, the Elder, who, in the second half of the 18th century called for a cessation of hostilities in the colonies and favoured American resistance to the British Stamp Act] said, ‘if I was an American – as I am an Englishman – as long as one Englishman remained on American native soil, I would never, never, never lay down my arms’. The Iraqi insurgents feel exactly the same way. I don’t excuse them for some of the terrible things they do, but I do understand why they are resisting the Americans.” [The “terrible things they do” — like killing thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians — is their clever way of “resisting the Americans”, Mikey — Ed.]

Bah. Good thing he wasn’t around after Dunkirk.

(Hat tip: Commenter Will at Leftwrites.)

Update: This, of course, is the kind of resistance of which Sir Michael would presumably not approve:

Insurgents rigged a girls’ school under construction near Baghdad with explosives, building artillery shells into the walls and ceilings, in a plan that would have killed scores of children, a US general said yesterday.

“We found artillery shells that were being literally built into the ceiling,” said Major General William Caldwell, the senior US military spokesman in Iraq. “We found artillery shells, again all hooked up with wires, being built into the floors. We found propane tanks – two very large propane tanks – built into the floors under the stairwells.”

The school was identified as the Huda Girls’ School in Tarmiya, in a predominantly Shia area north of Baghdad. The plot was discovered only when US soldiers spotted a detonation wire across the street from the building and followed it to the school.

“It was truly just an incredibly ugly, dirty kind of vicious killing that would have gone on here by al-Qaeda,” General Caldwell said. “Somebody had clearly taken and planned to take this school, a place of learning for these young children and turn it into a death trap.”

Al-Qaeda has not balked at wantonly killing children before, even using two small boys as camouflage to smuggle a car bomb past an American checkpoint in a Shia area of Baghdad and then blowing them up with the device.



  1. Rob

    did he really say that the insurgents were right to attack us?

  2. Too right! Damn ex-SAS wallahs – always swanning around at the rear of proceedings, offering the real troops their opinionated bleats. Well done Rob – you certainly trimmed his comb.

  3. Pommy, I can only go on what the Guardian said he said — and that is not the most reliable of sources. Maybe they put words into his mouth. But their account of it is, as given above:

    “When he was asked if he thought the Iraqi insurgents were right to try to force the US-led coalition out, he replied: “Yes I do.”

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