Was Osama right, asks Bernard Lewis

May 17, 2007

It makes your teeth hurt to say it, but I think he may have been.

Now the situation had changed. The more immediate, more dangerous enemy was the Soviet Union, already ruling a number of Muslim countries, and daily increasing its influence and presence in others. It was therefore natural to seek and accept American help. As Osama bin Laden explained, in this final phase of the millennial struggle, the world of the unbelievers was divided between two superpowers. The first task was to deal with the more deadly and more dangerous of the two, the Soviet Union. After that, dealing with the pampered and degenerate Americans would be easy.

Read Lewis’ article here.

My take from last June:

All of which brings us back to bin Laden. It was his dream and purpose, in planning the 9/11 attacks, to needle the US into Afghanistan, into the Islamic heartland, there to suffer the kind of defeat that the jihadis believed they inflicted on the Soviets. That defeat, as they dreamed it, led to the collapse of the godless Soviet Union. The crusader US, as they dreamed it, would suffer a similar defeat, and a similar collapse. It seemed insane at the time; but was it? I think bin Laden would be pleased with the results so far.


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