Sudanese blogger

May 27, 2007

I liked this image and message in the sidebar of the Sudanese blog If God Brings You To It, He Will Bring You Through It. I really liked the blog, as well.

I know it seems trite to say it, given the situation — but you go, Kizzie. Keep safe, and God bless.



  1. Rob

    Thanks for the heads up om Kizzie. What a fascinating blog.

  2. pommy, there are a lot of fabulous blogs out there in the third world — and elsewhere. Much better than the Ozblogos, I often think.

  3. hard to find, though.

    You have the patience of Job, mate. just visited LP to discover the post has 185 comments!!!!

    It is so sad to see the Left (and LP is supposed to be moderate Left) floundering around in a sea of moral relativity. They genuinely cant see the wood for the trees.

  4. Hello there,
    I just found out about this blog:)
    Yes, I love this picture! it’s very true.

  5. Welcome, Kizzie!

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