In the doghouse

July 7, 2007

Post deleted.



  1. Rob, what if you send me a private mail, I would like to discuss some of these issues off line.

  2. Um – you said feel free to delete, so I did. Sorry, Rob, I took you at your word and assumed you saw as little need as I did for your comments about moderation to be let through to the site.

    The comments that said things went through as soon as I saw them…

  3. Looks like you’ve been automodded, not sure why. It’s like Graeme used to be at the Cat – over time Jason found himself letting 90% of his stuff through, so decided to take the automodding off. Most of your stuff will still go through, though.

  4. Rob, the LP comments policy states:

    No public correspondence will be entered into regarding moderation decisions.

    If you have any queries, email us.

  5. Rob – what did you do to piss them off?

  6. Could have been anything that ticked off these facist goons.

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