Right brain/left brain test

October 13, 2007

Take this really cool test and see which way your brain works. If you see the figure spinning clockwise, you’re using the right side of your brain. If anti-clockwise, the left.

Via Norm Geras, who says he can only see her spinning clockwise. I can see her spinning both ways. Just what that says about me I’m not sure.

Tip: watch the left heel when she’s going clockwise, or, even better, the shadow beneath it. You can make her go the other way by forcing her left foot to reverse direction. It makes your brain hurt a bit, but it does work. Try it.

Actually it gets easier the more you practice. You can make her bounce forwards and backwards quite easily. I don’t mean anything sinister by that.

It might scramble your brain, though.



  1. Nope. Didn’t work for me, no matter how I tried.

  2. Odd, Snoopy. With an effort I can make her go alternatively backward and forward with each landing. Try blocking off everything except her legs from the knees down.

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