The point of no return

December 8, 2008

Well, that was an extended break and a half, lasting for one day less than exactly one year.

There have been some changes and other continuities in the Ozblogos. Thankfully, The Currency Lad is publishing again, with the best pre-(US) election commentary I’ve seen anywhere. And saint at DogfightAtBankstown has kept the flag flying through thick and thin. Favourites like Larvatus Prodeo (congrats to Mark B on finishing his thesis), Club Troppo – with some great recent opera posts from James Farrell – and Catallaxy are still going strong. Scepticlawyer is blogging from Oxford, with Legal Eagle, and a very good thing too.

I got tired of blogging because I didn’t think I had anything more to say, or I’d said all I wanted to say. But I think the non-lefty side of the ‘sphere ought to be able to better than Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair, who, for all their many and varied virtues (yes, virtues) are just journalists, after all, not bloggers. I’m crotchety enough to object to the former pretending to be the latter. Button it, you blokes: this is our space.

Anyway, I’m thinking it’s time to follow C.L.’s lead and return to the fray. I’ve always wanted to write a review of my favourite Marxist film, The Molly Maguires, and I never even got around to doing an appreciation of Angela Carter’s work.

There could be a body of work there – interspersed with the usual denunciations of the crimes of Stalin, of course.

I’m not happy with the WordPress theme I’m using – Neat – because for some reason it won’t display the name of the post author (which is me, or alternatively my cat Francesca, who’s getting on a bit now – 16 if she’s a day – or even more alternatively, our new cat Papageno, a ragdoll blue-mitted, of whom I have no cute pix but whose appearance you can check out on a packet of Kleenex – as he was about three months ago anyway – at your local Coles New World supermarket the next time you’re shopping for tissues – if you shop for them of course, which you may not, if you’re worried about the planet, which I am too, of course, though not as much as some, in fact not at all really, except for a little bit, I even forget to separate the recycling stuff from the tissues when putting out the garbage….. now where was I?)

Curse this stream of consciousness stuff. Dunno where I was when I started it. Oh yes, I remember – WordPress not posting my name for me in the Neat theme. Bastards. Gives me immediate deniability, though.

Anyway, watch this space (if you’re so inclined).

Meanwhile, here’s a joke about socialism:

“About your [Bolshevik] Society–” began Mr. Brown after dinner.

“No,” said Robert, “it’s all off. We’ve given it up after all. We don’t think there’s much in it, after all. None of us do, now. We feel quite different.”

“But you were so enthusiastic about it this afternoon. Sharing fairly, and all that sort of thing.”

“Yes,” said Robert. “That’s all very well. It’s all right when you can get your share of other people’s things, but when other people try to get their share of your things, then it’s different.”

“Ah,” said Mr. Brown, “that’s the weak spot. I’m glad you found it out.”

Richmal Crompton
William the Fourth, 1924.

There was a similar joke doing the rounds in the old Soviet Union about the peasant who didn’t have three tractors (which he would be happy to share), but did have three horses (which he wouldn’t).



  1. Welcome back, Rob.

  2. Thanks, skeptic. I was revising the post when your comment rocketed in. Go back and read it again, hahaha.

  3. […] The point of no return Thankfully, The Currency Lad is publishing again, with the best pre-(US) election commentary Iโ€™ve seen anywhere. […]

  4. Thanks, Rob. Looking forward to reading you again. Your knowledge of music, taste in pets, and talent for writing, more than compensate for your appalling politics.

  5. Thank you, James. Nicely put.

    I greatly enjoy your opera posts. A propos, if you have any tips in opera in Belgrade (my wife and I are visiting next year) I’d be more than happy to get them from you. I think we have talked about opera in Budapest in the past….

  6. Welcome back Rob. The Right has been terribly, terribly quiet since about this time last year. About the time you went MIA. Was that a coincidence? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thanks, Peter. Nothing to do with Mr Rudd, if that’s what you mean – merely that I had run out of things to say that might potentially be of interest to anyone but myself. That might still be the case, of course. Next time I run dry I will kill the blog for good and all.

    By the way, are you still writing for Leftwrites? I see I’m a spambot over there now.

  8. Nah mate, not over there–one post only about nearly 2 yrs ago and that was it. Likewise ran out of stuff to say, but I just keep an eye on LP for the occasional comment on legal and Int Relations eg Hensen, Russia/Georgia of late.

    Blogsphere has become a bit boring now that we lefties have almost finished blasting Ratty and George B. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Missing the Fyodor, Nabs, CL, yourself, Birdy, EP, MarkL, GregM stoushes at LP as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been thinking of starting a legal blog, on the inequities of the CJ system in NSW from my own experience, and child care legislation/human rights issues, but after heavy days representing the criminal class, doing mounds of paperwork, and the family of course, I just don’t have the time nor energy.

  9. I take it we libertarians are too polite ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Must try harder.

  10. Actually ScepticL, I think a certain degree of politeness has broken out in the blogsphere, now that “certain political things” have changed. A distinct retreat from the wedge politics of yesteryear has taken a lot of the heat away IMHO.

    The big question now, is of course how Obama puts the US back on track but most of what I’ve read suggests that things will never be the same as before, as the new superpower(s) emerge and global realities dictate a lesser US influence at so many levels.

    I think there are some great debates still to be had, not the least of which is the libertarian approach (which I agree with) to the current bailouts of fatcats and dinosaurs like GM Chrysler Ford–the chutzpah of those smug buggers rolling up to Washington cap in hand for bailout, having arrived in corporate jets no less.

    Climate change and a rapidly changing world economy/realignment/security in a post-Bush-doctrine world–we live in interesting times!

  11. Welcome back the fray, Sir.

  12. Correction: Welcome back To the fray, Sir.

  13. Thanks, Boy – although, as Peter says above, I’m not sure what kind of fray there is to return to.

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