The Currency Lad takes a breather

December 16, 2008

C.L. is going off the air for a couple of months, and I hope his Christmas and New Year will be as good as they ought to be. He’s been nice enough to acknowledge my return to blogging.

I envy C.L. his superb writing and research skills, but also his freedom of movement. This blog of mine is an odd kind of beast, which is why I periodically think of killing it. I can’t post on the government’s policies or its international relationships, for reasons that would be obvious to anyone after a couple of seconds’ reflection (they pay me).

So I have to stick with cats and music and films (or hi-fi – hey, does anyone want to hear about the new Naim Audio SNAIC cables in sombre black instead of sober grey? No? Thought not) and only far-distant issues of real contention, like Israel/Palestine and the Armenian genocide.

May C.L. enjoy his blogging hiatus, and hurry back to us as soon as he can.



  1. I’ll second that. Envy, wishes and all. (I’ll pass on the cables though)

  2. Hi, saint. Thanks for coming by.

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